History of Wallets-The Collision of Tradition and Innovation

History of Wallets-The Collision of Tradition and Innovation

In the 10th century A.D., human beings traded by bartering. The wallets of the time were made lengthwise and had a large capacity to hold more items, similar to modern canvas bags, and the 11th century statue of St. James carried a purse decorated with a shell, which proves that wallets existed before that time. And the shell became the distinctive purse symbol language of the time.

By the 1270s, the purse was an aristocratic item, and the smaller the purse, the richer it was, when the purse contained high-priced items, such as a packet of pepper. The purse design thus continued for four centuries until the early 17th century, when the French economy began to develop greatly under Henri IV, followed by Louis XIII and XIV, when the French economy became even more prosperous. Due to the change in clothing styles, the design of the wallet finally changed. Due to the development of the economy, the image of the large envelope used by the messengers at the post to deliver messages was sought after, and the message in the envelope meant wealth, and the shape of the envelope was gradually borrowed from the wallet, which was the prototype of the modern wallet.

In the late 19th century, precious materials began to be adopted as the material for making wallets. With the boom in maritime trade, ordinary wallet materials could no longer meet the need to show off wealth. Of course, the wallet design in this period was not practical, so later they all became cigarette cases. late 20th century, with the popularity of paper money, the wallet was finally designed with layers, which can hold banknotes and cards, and the leather also enhanced the retro temperament, loved by many people.

The modern wallet style seems to be stagnant to the average person, and the mainstream design does not seem to have changed much in a hundred years.

The style of modern wallets has stalled in the eyes of ordinary people, and mainstream design does not seem to have changed much in a hundred years. Leather wallets still occupy half of the country. Today, in pursuit of an efficient and simple life, metal wallets have gradually become popular, breaking the material barriers that penetrate wallets. Through continuous updating and optimization, an ultra-thin wallet has finally been formed. This metal wallet designed by MNGARISTA Combining the handsome and tough hollow spaceship and the dots and lines of the circuit board to form a unique industrial style, it is suitable for tough business men, and daily home can also reflect the taste of life.

Oscar Wilde once said, "A person is either a work of art or a work of art."

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