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MNGARISTA is an e-commerce brand that upholds traditional values, challenges, and innovates. MNGARISTA is committed to creating high-quality daily necessities and providing excellent service, bringing consumers a better minimalist living experience with quality products and meticulous service.

At MNGARISTA, the brand spirit of meticulousness and thoroughness is consistent. Our mission is to provide consumers with the maximum life through our efforts: no need to worry about anything, just enjoy the convenience of MNGARISTA.

MNGARISTA designs and produces EDC products that are both modern and timeless, practical and durable, minimalist and meet strict standards, and are carried by more than one million customers.

And now, we decided to open to synchronize our products and related information to inspire and create opportunities for unlimited creativity. We invite all content creators to join the MNGARISTA creative team and add more exciting content to MNGARISTA's promotion with your sparkling creativity.

  • Photographer

    Need to be responsible for completing photo assignments with publicity/different scenarios.

    Ability to lay out light and shadow for commercial photography, ability to design lighting and composition according to different product needs, plus their own unique creativity.

    We hope you are!

    Someone who loves photography,

    Someone with creative inspiration.

    Someone who loves keeping track of lives.

    Individual or small teams,

    Outdoor or studio photography,

    Whatever you have, we want.

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  • Videographer

    Need to be responsible for promotional film production, including shooting and post-editing.

    Have complete shooting mode and thinking ability, with the ability to output creative scripts or be able to participate in the production of creative scripts.

    We hope you are!

    Someone who loves videography,

    Someone who is fanciful,

    Someone always brings ideas to life on video.

    Solo shooter or small team,

    Short video or a commercial promo,

    Whatever you have, we want.

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  • Contributor

    Need to be responsible for writing blog posts suitable for different topics.

    Ability to respond and plan original content in conjunction with current events; extra points for applicants who can provide online, print, and other media resources for publishing articles.

    We hope you are!

    Someone who loves literary creation,

    Someone who keeps up with currents,

    Someone always records what you hear and feel.

    Individual writers or publishers,

    An essay or a commercial manuscript,

    Whatever you have, we want.

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Action is better than the heart.

If you are interested, please feel free to send us a job application to

Tip: Please attach your portfolio of works for the position you are applying for and outline your reasons for applying. We will review your application and respond to you as soon as appropriate.

We hope to establish a long-term, ongoing relationship with all of you wonderful shining lights.

Much looking forward to hearing from you to join the MNGARISTA TEAM.