With the development of the times, the rise of Internet e-commerce. Countless kinds of goods are available in a variety of categories. The craze for online shopping vaguely covers the trend of offline entities. Consumption levels have risen. Nowadays, consumers are not only concerned about price, but also need good products and experience. Consumers are concerned when spending. It has gradually evolved……

What makes MNGARISTA different from its peers

Continuously pursue more mature technology, more business office supplies, and more sturdy and durable outdoor supplies, with minimalist-style products to help you avoid the trouble of life and shopping anxiety.

What is MNGARISTA product’s design philosophy?

MNGARISTA's main goal is to address the consumer anxiety and daily chores of our clients by creating a minimalist lifestyle for our clients so they can focus on their work or enjoy their lives.

What customer service do you have?

We provide a three-year warranty, and if the main structure becomes brittle, toughness decreases, and fractures over time due to unintentional damage, we offer a trade-in service.

For supplies, such as nylon elastic, card link part of the plastic strap, you can buy accessories on our website for replacement.

Let's find out what people ask before they buy a metal wallet

Minimalist Wallet | MNGARISTA

I like the structure of your products, but still can not find the desired style and pattern, I have my composition that can be customized well.

We have a custom section and product customer design set, every month, we select five outstanding works to sample and display in our design set, you can also place orders through the custom service, please click on the product - product customization.


What should I do if I find it difficult to change the card in the ID display window every time?

There is a rim frame below the product display bar to hold your ID card in place, so you can easily insert the card by pressing your thumb against the rim frame and applying upward pressure at the moment of installation.

If I want to replace the nylon elastic straps, how should you disassemble the product?

The package is equipped with a matching screwdriver, disassembly by aligning the screwdriver mouth and then rotating counterclockwise.

How well does it secure in your pocket? That feeling of your wallet unknowingly slipping out concerns me.

It depends on your pants. Khakis will let the wallet slip around. Jeans are tight and rigid enough to keep them relatively secure. So, if wearing loose-fitting pants like khakis, go for the leather type of wallet. If you are wearing jeans type of pants wear the MNGARISTA wallet.

Portable Flashlight | MNGARISTA

How many lighting modes does the flashlight offer, and what are the corresponding luminous flux values?

The MNGARISTA portable flashlight boasts three distinct lighting modes, each aligned with varying brightness levels:

  • First mode: 50 lumens, with a range of 25 meters and a battery life of 8 hours.
  • Second mode: 300 lumens, providing a range of 60 meters and a battery endurance of 125 minutes.
  • Third mode: 500 lumens, featuring an 85-meter range and a battery life lasting 58 minutes.

What exactly is luminous flux, and what unit does it use?

Luminous flux (φ) is defined as the energy emitted by a point or non-point light source within a unit of time. The portion visible to an observer, referred to as radiant flux perceivable by humans, is termed luminous flux. Its unit of measurement is the lumen (lm). One lumen is defined as the luminous flux of an international standard candle within a unit solid angle.

Why is the availability of different brightness modes necessary?

Different brightness modes cater to diverse environments and requirements, such as close-range reading or outdoor exploration. Lower brightness suits prolonged usage at shorter distances, while higher brightness is apt for situations requiring extended illumination distances.

How are different light colors and color temperatures distinguished?

Color temperature serves as a universal indicator not just for expressing light source color but also for gauging the spectral quality of the light. Measured in Kelvin (K), international standards include low color temperature (2700K–3500K), medium color temperature (3500K–4500K), and high color temperature (5500K–6500K). National standards encompass incandescent light at 2700K, warm white at 3000K, white at 3500K, cool white at 4000K, neutral white at 5000K, and daylight at 6500K.

What is the light color and color temperature of the product?

The MNGARISTA portable flashlight produces white light through LED sources with a color temperature ranging from 5700K to 6500K, signifying its position within the cool white light spectrum, delivering a clear and bright white illumination effect.

Does the flashlight support replaceable batteries?

No, it does not. The MNGARISTA flashlight features a built-in battery design with a USB-C charging interface, facilitating quick and convenient recharging.

How can one monitor battery level and battery life?

The flashlight comes equipped with a 5-level blue indicator light, enabling users to monitor the charging progress and remaining battery level. Following a full charge, the flashlight provides non-diminishing brightness illumination for up to 10 hours in the first mode.

Is the flashlight waterproof, and what does IPX8 signify?

Yes, this flashlight, designed with seamless integration, can be submerged in 2 meters of water for 30 minutes, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions. Waterproof rating: IPX8.

Why is the body crafted from 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy?

Utilizing 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy provides several advantages:

  • Lightweight: Enhances overall portability, making the flashlight easy to carry and use.
  • High strength: Exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity, capable of withstanding external impacts and pressure, bolstering the flashlight's durability.
  • Corrosion resistance: Maintains the flashlight's appearance and performance over prolonged periods in different environments.
  • Good thermal conductivity: Facilitates heat dissipation, ensuring effective heat dispersion during high-intensity illumination, enhancing stability and lifespan.

Why is it designed with a square body and a physical switch?

The MNGARISTA portable flashlight adopts a square body design, offering a comfortable grip and an anti-rolling design to minimize the risk of the flashlight rolling off. Employing a physical main switch reduces the probability of accidental touches, streamlining user operations and enhancing overall reliability and convenience.

Why does the bottom feature a magnetic function, and what precautions should be taken?

The bottom of the MNGARISTA portable flashlight is designed with a magnetic function, allowing the flashlight to conveniently adhere to metal surfaces for hands-free operation and fixed positioning. When using the magnetic feature, attention should be paid to temperature limitations, recommended for use within specified temperature ranges [below 158°F (70°C)] to avoid excessive heat. Keep it away from magnetic-sensitive items and ensure no interference with surrounding electronic devices. Additionally, be cautious to prevent surface wear with prolonged use of the magnetic function, and regular inspection and cleaning contribute to maintaining stability and durability.

Why incorporate walnut wood, 3K carbon fiber, or leather as decorative panels?

Utilizing various materials as decorative panels adds depth to the product's design, emphasizing individuality and differentiation. Walnut wood, 3K carbon fiber, and leather all possess unique textures and qualities, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also a comfortable tactile experience. These materials are relatively robust and durable, enhancing the overall durability of the flashlight. Additionally, environmental considerations are taken into account; walnut wood is a natural renewable resource, and carbon fiber, with its lightweight and excellent strength, aligns with our focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

How should one maintain the flashlight?

Regularly clean the surface dirt and charging port of the flashlight; use a soft cloth to gently wipe the flashlight's surface, avoiding the use of chemical solvents. When not in use, turn off the side main switch to prevent unnecessary power consumption. Avoid dropping or striking the flashlight to prevent damage to the bulb or other components.

Retractable Keychain | MNGARISTA

How many keys does it hold? I have about 5 keys.

Need to observe the type and size of the key, if it is a small key, there is no problem even if the key fob is hanging full. (LOL)

And we have different load-bearing capacity of the key chain, mainly divided into 8oz and 10oz, you can choose according to your own needs.

SHOP 10.0oz

What is the diameter of the cable and how long can it extend?

The cable has a diameter of 1mm and can be extended to 80cm. with a total length of 13.5cm, it can be hung on your waist to extend your keys or cards to any distance of 36inch from your waist.

This clip looks cool, what material is it made of and is it sturdy?

The shelf is made of stainless steel and has a flat design to minimize the space it takes up while ensuring that it can accommodate most belt and school bag snaps.

What size is the product itself and will it be inconvenient to carry?

The product is 5.3 inches long, the length is a little shorter than a normal phone and divided into four movable joints, so whether you wear it on your belt or hang it on your school bag it will fit the curve well to ensure a comfortable fit.

What should I do if my retractable keychain is broken?

If the internal structure is not forcibly pulled off by force, you can provide our customer service with pictures of the damage and the address of the receipt, and the customer will reply within 24 hours and arrange a return service or reissue a new product.

What should I do after accidentally putting the easy-open buckle in the washing machine?

Do not worry about this, put it in a cool and ventilated place after three or four hours of normal use. A small amount of water can be used normally after air-drying, if left in water for a long time will cause the internal metal sheet to provide elasticity to rust, making it difficult to pull. Fully waterproof easy to pull the buckle is also under development, please look forward to.