MNGARISTA-Retractable-Carabiner-Retraction-Retractor Set, usage scenario, Watch, folding knife, brown leather, wooden table


18 years began to produce office products, after four years of cumulative shipments of 100,000 tons, a total of 75w service, from 30 countries around the world and harvest consistent praise, adhering to the concept of solving customer consumption concerns continue to move forward

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  • Visual Director

    Sensitive to patterns and colors, and also has advanced studies in the field of art, the product pattern design is unpredictable while ensuring harmony

  • LAN

    The founder of mngarista, who decided to start his own brand because he loves edc and often finds it difficult to buy the products he wants.

  • Louis Cai

    With a unique product vision, and unusual thinking logic can often adhere to their own ideas in product development, and designed the classic two retractable keychains widely acclaimed

MNGARISTA Retractable-Holder-Carabiner-Keychain-Tactical, usage scenario, Desktop, Leather, leather cutting tools, handmade


The main purpose of our products is to solve customers' consumer anxiety, so that they can always trust us to provide them with the most secure choice among a wide range of products.