Less is more : Choose what you really need wallet

Less is more : Choose what you really need wallet

What does a minimalist take with them when they go out? Cell phone, keys, and a regular wallet with cash and cards. Minimalism seeks quality experience from a minimalist product, and MNGARISTA has found that a wallet can be minimalist.


MNGARISTA pop-up wallet does what it takes to truly satisfy the minimalist aesthetic and needs.

Material and Appearance

We may not consume a product simply because of its appearance, but the first impression it gives us often determines whether or not we will want to learn more about it. The two colors, black and gunmetal, are understated and versatile that won't make your outfit look discordant. And the outer layer of the pop-up wallet is made of 3K carbon fiber and a metal frame that is sturdy and at the same time light and thin.
What's more, with a right-angled frame and no other superfluous design on the outside, you don't have to worry about it getting tangled up with other items in your bag, it is simple, aesthetic and easy to carry.

Wallet Functions

Minimalist is just its appearance, and its powerful function allows you to carry your necessities conveniently and safely.
First of all, it continues the large capacity (4-6 cards) of mngarista's previous wallets while keeping your cards more organized. And the internal structure makes your card stable and compact, whether it's one card or multiple cards, even if you flip it over, it won't fall out.
Secondly, the pop-up design makes it easier and quicker to access your cards, so you can quickly find the one you want even if you have a lot of cards in your wallet. This design will keep your wallet more organized.
Thirdly, its RFID blocking function can protect your credit card and ID card from all RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimming devices, maximizing the protection of your privacy and property security.
In addition, there is a metal clip on the back of the wallet. When you need to carry cash, you can securely fasten it to the metal clip. Moreover, he is removable and we will provide extra accessories.

Applicable Scene and Use Crowd

Generally speaking, MNGARISTA metal wallet fits perfectly in all your pockets, of course, it will be more suitable to put it in the front pocket, that will be more comfortable and easy to reach and reduce the probability of theft.
Of course, this wallet is not exclusive to minimalists, but can be owned by anyone who seeks a safe and secure wallet that is easy to hold.
What really works for you is the best! MNGARISTA has been working to make your daily carry safer and more convenient, please trust us to keep bringing more great products to our users.



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