Mngarista Retractable Keychain Iteration Update

Mngarista Retractable Keychain Iteration Update

Mngarista retractable keychain was originally created to address the anxiety users felt when choosing a product for its quality and use. Most keychains on the market suffer from the same problems, using the same models, ugly designs or even arguably no design, and Resilience and length that cannot meet the demand. Mngarista wants to turn this phenomenon on its head and solve the real problems from the user's point of view.


MNGARISTA Exterior Design

The design team did these by designing the product appearance with a shield shape and a gripping ring as the element, giving a strong and durable first impression, breaking the stereotypical shape of a thousand keychains, and improving the aesthetics so much that other sellers have been copying the appearance of our retractable keychains.


Internal Structure Design

An excellent retractable keychain is not only about the appearance, but also the internal structure. After numerous tests, the structural engineer covered the zinc shaft with a copper sleeve at the joint of the bell to prevent friction between the wire rope and the bell. The double protection reduces the probability of disconnection and solves the biggest usage demand for users caused by other inferior key chains: Disconnection and noise problems when pulling them. Mngarista retractable keychain has gained a large number of loyal users after its launch, including various occupations and groups of people.


Product Updates for Retractable Keychains

But we won't stop there. Based on the feedback collected from different users and the team's pursuit of perfection, we have upgraded the product. We replaced the original case ABS-757 material with PC-110 to make the Mngarista retractable keychain case more sturdy and wearable, extending the user's usage cycle. We also optimized the texture of the shell, reducing the original texture of rough particles by 30%, which makes it smooth to touch the main part, and the gripping ring part has been changed from matte to glossy, which makes the overall visual more comfortable. This upgrade takes into account both the look and feel of the heavy-duty keychain.


For the inner structure, we also upgraded and optimized the use of a more scientific scroll structure and high-quality materials, with a more durable pulling effect and longer scroll life. After the sample of the new retractable keychain came out, the team members immediately conducted various tests, and in the tensile strength test, the new pulling force could reach 9-10 ounces, which is completely ahead of other retractable keychains on the market.

Constant Optimization Provides Better-Quality Products

The upgrade of the Mngarista retractable key chain is successful, but we will not stop pursuing perfection and will continue to listen to users' suggestions to achieve our slogan---Minimalist life at your finger.

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