The most resilient badge reels - 9oz badge holder

The most resilient badge reels - 9oz badge holder

The founder of Mngarista, Lan, loved EDC gear, but as time went on his pockets were still getting fuller and fuller, and wanted to share the weight of his pockets with a key chain. He bought a hot product through Amazon, but it was a little too small to carry his EDC gear, and after trying a few more, he still couldn't meet the demand, so he decided to develop his own retractable keychain.


The first 8oz retractable key chain

After half a year of continuous testing and research mngarista 8oz key chain in June 2019 online, climbing mouth with a bottle opener and hexagonal wrench, the original idea is to make your life easier to reduce your burden of carrying, but the good news is not long on the market appeared in large quantities of the same product


MNGARISTA Industrial style design badge reels


Although the middle tested a lot of styles and versions, finally settled on this version, increasing the size of the middle of the tension part to provide stability of tension and solidity, in addition to the upper part of the woven bag to make the overall more streamlined and easy to carry, and at the same time a new problem, due to the bottom of the installation for the social knot buckle resulting in easy to fall off can not be used normally. In response to this situation mngarista design team held an emergency internal meeting finally by adding pressure on the end of the wire rope zinc head outsourcing through, to ensure that the premise of not fall off at the same time to avoid friction between the wire and the end of the fracture caused by the situation


Maximum pull 9oz badge holder

In the case of continuous streamlining of carrying methods, mngarista portable keychain - travel line, the appearance of the continuation of the industrial style, widened the upper edge to balance the weight when wearing, by changing the internal angle of the pull rod to enhance the elasticity to 9oz, the highest pull force on the market for individuals, internal lubricant, in the process of use is very smooth, this is our best-selling back clip type Easy Pull Buckle.


This details the development of the mngarista retractable key chain, after the launch of the metal version of the two retractable key chains but we are still constantly optimizing our design, and keep pushing new products

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