Why industrial style or hard-core style is more attractive to me?

Why industrial style or hard-core style is more attractive to me?

For a long time various tough guy movies, like First Blood, and Terminator movies are fully attracted me, which the fight picture and a variety of classic explosion scenes are leading people to immersive, blood spurting, for the reason, or those deeply rooted in the hearts of the tough-guy image, into the jungle and able to fight the gangster's deeply rooted Vietnam veteran Rambo, as well as the fight against Skynet's Terminator T-800, these tough guys have a strong muscle behind These tough guys have strong muscles behind their backs, and a deep-seated character of perseverance, however, the attire is its external reflection, although some experiences we do not have the chance to experience, still can experience the life of a tough guy through the attire, today we will talk about those tough guys must-have models


Tactical style is mainly reflected in the material that can adapt to any situation, as well as the excellent durability and wear properties it provides

The top is generally; a work coat or leather jacket with white T, simple and sharp style with work jacket hard lines, visually to your muscles plus code, more temperament, leather jacket texture is brought to mature and stable with white T more competent, more reliable visual effect


Lower pants recommended: work pants, tactical-style pants, in many movies are reflected, whether it is the protagonist or supporting characters in the battlefield or the jungle will choose, with sufficient storage space to carry easily, and its excellent material to provide wear resistance and waterproof and breathable use in any outdoor scenes


Details determine success or failure, but also need some small accessories, like a variety of small props like a hidden lipstick pistol, hidden in the ring inside the hidden camera, these cool props, in reality, are less practical, so what are the high use of life and more style to make you cooler and tougher it:

Designed by the MNGARISTA brand whether it is outdoor or commercial office is very practical two products, easy to pull the buckle and metal wallet, in everyone is carrying the old heavy leather wallet, although the excellent leather is hard to resist, it brings a lot of trouble to carry, no matter what kind of clothing you wear bloated pockets will make you look cheap unbearable.

Easy to pull the buckle key chain will also definitely make you shine, like a variety of hidden props in the movie, it hides the function you want to think of, as a key chain can be retracted to any place you need to use, and the rope is made of S30400 stainless steel with a thick nylon layer of 0.1mm, extremely durable, in special circumstances can be used in an emergency

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