YouTube review featured collections

YouTube review featured collections


Recently, MNGARISTA looked for all EDC equipment enthusiasts to review our products, some of them are equipment addicts, and some are, in different capacities, but have the same love for our products. Of course, the evaluation from different people is more beneficial for everyone to understand the different products of MNGARISTA. Let's take a look at what they say!


Highland Outdoor Gear

First of all, this short but fine video comes from a team of loving people who are big fans of equipment and gadgets that they find useful and make everyday work easier.

 This interesting team has detailed all kinds of issues that consumers will be concerned about, which can be described as all-around. The beginning of the video shows how the product can be used in a workshop scenario. The clever combination of the key fob and badge holder gives crafters full convenience, hanging the knife on the retractable keychain, which pulls smoothly, and the animation shown in the video gives a comfortable feel.

In addition, the safety features of the product are mentioned: effective against drops and losses, different scenarios suitable for using the product: such as outdoor, forest, etc.; there are also comparative reviews with other products. You can tell from the comparison: MNGARISTA retractable keychain is made of a more durable material and has a more practical retractable length more details for you to discover ...... In short, the obvious thing is: All MNGARISTA  products are of high quality.


Justified EDC-EDC Knife Evaluation

Next up with you is an equipment addict. In the video, he mentions that he shared the products he received to try with his friends and family around him, and the result: MNGARISTA products were highly praised.

 In the video, he said his wife loved the MNGARISTA back clip version of the retractable keychain and complimented the durability of the MNGARISTA retractable keychain material. He recommends the product for hospital staff: "It's a cool option for people who use keychains a lot."

He prefers the minimalist metal wallet, which he finds neat to use, and praises for its "nice small pro profile". He also mentions in the video that the clear card slot makes it easy for users to show their driver's license without having to pull it out of their wallet. "I've never been a minimalist wallet type of person ...... but I'll probably continue to use it."


EDC?-Professional female EDC evaluation
The last reviewer we present to you is completely different from the previous two and it is not often that you find a lady with a passion for EDC equipment, and she is one of them. Yes, she is a woman with a lot of personalities. She often shares different gear on her channel and the videos are not only authentic but also very patient and detailed.

 She began by showing how to use the metal wallet in detail and objectively, saying that it is easy and convenient to use, sturdy and cool looking. As the video progresses to her introduction of the retractable keychain, we find it interesting that like the previous KOL she also shares the product with her family. Surely a quality and the loving product is worth sharing with those you care about! And later in the video, she says: "they are going to be used like this is going to be a staple on my bag ......and will give you an update longer term on." If you are interested in this KOL's subsequent use of the product, you can stay tuned for her video updates.


After watching the above video, do you feel excited? Whether you feel excited about "owning a product" or "becoming a reviewer", why not take action? All you need to do to be our ambassador is to have 2000+ followers on any of your social media accounts, and you can get in touch with us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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