YouTube review featured collections 2.0

YouTube review featured collections 2.0

Good news! Mngarista hits a new milestone - Million sales. We invited some new friends to review our retractable keychains and id holder and give you the most authentic feedback. Let's take a look at some interesting displays.


Jon Gadget

Jonathan usually selects high-quality and reasonably priced products for review. Glad our badge reels could be his choice.

He owns a small gadget retail store in the UK, full of vitrines that require a key to open. He thinks our retractable keychain is very suitable for salesmen to use at work to avoid the loss of keys. And innovatively think that our retractable badge reels are also suitable for some outdoor sports, such as fishing and gliding, so as to avoid losing your equipment during activities.

In the pulling part of testing the retractable keychain, he used Leatherman's multi-tool, and the smooth rebound proved the super load-bearing capacity of the Mngarista retractable keychain.


Fit to Survive

Cody is keen on the review of knives and EDC equipment and will come up with special review methods for different products, and sometimes you can see some special ideas.

What is interesting in this review video is that he put his favorite folding knife and fork in our minimalist metal wallet, which can be perfectly accommodated, which further highlights the powerful storage of our carbon fiber minimalist wallet. Even put it in the ID holder. However, this series of minimalist wallets has been discontinued, and we will bring a new version of the wallet to meet you guys.


Filthy Animal
Chris loves the Harley-Davidson culture, and the cross-border cooperation with him is our first attempt. We contacted him to have this unique user experience perspective.

 In the video, he showed the perfect fit of Mngarista badge holder heavy-duty and lightweight keychains in cycling and daily life. Although the two materials are different, the pulling force is 8 ounces. There are two different styles of clip and carabiner, suitable for Wearing it on your belt or backpack.


Conan's EDC- Easy Dad Carry

Conan is a big fan of our brand, and he is also a member of EDC Gear. He loved our product when we sent him the first sample and now considers the retractable keychain a daily necessity.

He is familiar with the material details and functions of the retractable keychain. After using it for a period of time, he accurately and professionally shared his experience and recommended it to his friends in different professions. His video not only shows how to use the badge reel but also conveys how to organize life in an orderly manner and improve the quality of life.

Now he is one of the ambassador members of Mngarista. If you are also interested in review our products, please feel free to contact us by email or directly.

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