With the development of the times, the rise of Internet e-commerce. Countless kinds of goods are available in a variety of categories. The craze for online shopping vaguely covers the trend of offline entities. Consumption levels have risen. Nowadays, consumers are not only concerned about price, but also need good products and experience.Consumers are concerned when spending. It has gradually evolved……

What makes MNGARISTA different from its peers

Continuously pursue more mature technology, more business office supplies, and more sturdy and durable outdoor supplies, with minimalist-style products to help you avoid the trouble of life and shopping anxiety

What is MNGARISTA product’s design philosophy?

MNGARISTA's main goal is to address the consumer anxiety and daily chores of our clients by creating a minimalist lifestyle for our clients so they can focus on their work or enjoy their lives

What customer service do you have?

We provide a three-year warranty, and if the main structure becomes brittle, toughness decreases, and fractures over time due to unintentional damage, we offer a trade-in service.

For supplies, such as nylon elastic, card link part of the plastic strap, you can buy accessories on our website for replacement

About Matel Wallet

I like the structure of your products, but still can not find the desired style and pattern, I have my composition that can be customized well

We have a custom section and product customer
design set, every month, we select five outstanding works to sample and display
in our design set, you can also place orders through the custom service, please
click on the product - product customization

The use of a long time the nylon elastic band will lose elasticity?

Will gradually lose elasticity, our package contains a replaceable nylon elastic band inside, if the frequent use of the replacement frequency is faster recommended that you purchase components on our official website for replacement

What should I do if I find it difficult to change the card in the ID display window every time?

There is a rim frame below the product display bar to hold your ID card in place, so you can easily insert the card by pressing your thumb against the rim frame and applying upward pressure at the moment of installation.

If I want to replace the nylon elastic straps, how should you disassemble the product

The package is equipped with a matching screwdriver, disassembly by aligning the screwdriver mouth and then rotating counterclockwise

Which holds more, the money clip or the money strap?

The money clip and money belt use the same kind of elastic nylon material, due to the different structure of the money clip will provide a more secure elasticity, thand e elasticity of the money bag is more suitable for containing money, money clip and money belt are up to 30 flat banknotes can be installed

How do you get into this wallet

There is a protruding part on the side of the wallet, which can be opened to insert your ID or bank card, and a semi-arc-shaped notch on the other side allows you to quickly pull out the ID you want.

About Badge Reel

How many keys does it hold? I have about 5 keys.

Need to observe the type and size of the key, if it is a small key, there is no problem even if the key fob is hanging full. If it is a car key, you can carry four to five

What is the diameter of the cable and how long can it extend?

The cable has a diameter of 1mm and can be extended to 80cm. with a total length of 13.5cm, it can be hung on your waist to extend your keys or cards to any distance of 36inch from your waist

This clip looks cool, it is made of what material sturdy well

The shelf is made of stainless steel and has a flat design to minimize the space it takes up while ensuring that it can accommodate most belt and school bag snaps

How long is the product itself will not be convenient to carry

The product is 5.3 inches long, the length is a little shorter than a normal phone and divided into four movable joints, so whether you wear it on your belt or hang it on your school bag it will fit the curve well to ensure a comfortable fit

Retractable keychain base broke how to do.

You can order the base parts on our website and replace them by pressing the copper parts on the bottom against the base stitching.

What should I do with my pull-out keychain chain that

If the internal structure is not forcibly pulled off by force, you can provide our customer service with pictures of the damage and the address of the receipt, and the customer will reply within 24 hours and arrange a return service or reissue a new product.

What should I do after accidentally putting the easy-open buckle in the washing machine?

Do not worry about this, put it in a cool and ventilated place after three or four hours of normal use. A small amount of water can be used normally after air-drying, if left in water for a long time will cause the internal metal sheet to provide elasticity to rust, making it difficult to pull. Fully waterproof easy to pull the buckle is also under development, please look forward to