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Retractable Keychain Business Set

Retractable Keychain Business Set

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MNGARISTA Retractable Keychain Business Set is one of our most popular EDC products. It will not disappoint you!

Applicable Scenarios

Avoid the trouble of rummaging
Relieves pressure on the neck and pockets
Delicate hooks, easy to wear
Suitable for daily wear, hard lines symbolize style

Care Instructions

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MNGARISTA Badge Holder Lanyard Clip Set, Multifunctional knife, Cigar, MNGARISTA Retractable Keychain 8OZ Textured, DW watch, Wooden seat -2

More Relaxed

Heavy duty keychain retractable helps you to save the trouble of finding keys and open various doors easily and comfortably.

Take a load off your life

MNGARISTA Retractable Keychain 8OZ Textured, Linework, 3.96"x1.71"x0.47"

Size of the product

Size does not include the bottom circle

Similar in size to an AirPods, and thinner

8 OZ of pull, can carry the weight of Half of a can of Coke

Let's make life simpler together

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