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Flashlight Plank

Flashlight Plank

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The 500-lumen (max) 5700-6500k LED light offers bright illumination reaching up 295 ft (90 m).


Perfect for extreme conditions, one-piece seamless molding and can be submerged in 2 meters of water for 30 minutes. The torch performs well even in the pouring rain.


Designed with a Back clip with top hole and a Collapsible bottom ring for double portability.

Magnetic base, can attach to any metal surface, freeing up your hands to work efficiently. Recommended for temperature below 158°F (70°C).

Multiple materials

3K carbon fiber, leather, walnut solid wood, aluminum alloy. Exquisite and high quality for various types.

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 IPX8 2m Submersible

For Critical Scene

IPX8-rated waterproof makes this flashlight your trusted companion, even in extreme conditions.

Learn more about Waterproof Ratings.
  • Mode 1

    Light Output: 50LM

    Beam Distance: 25m

    Runtime: 10h

    Beam Intensity: 180cd

    Brightness Description: Gentle and soft light, similar to moonlight brightness, sufficient for basic illumination without being harsh. It provides a warm and intimate feeling, like faint fireflies illuminating pages without causing eye strain.

  • mode 2

    Light Output: 250LM

    Beam Distance: 65m

    Runtime: 115mins

    Beam Intensity: 1000cd

    Brightness Description: Similar to the gentle light of moonlight, bright and comfortable. Enough to light up the surrounding environment, creating a serene and comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

  • mode 3

    Light Output: 500LM

    Beam Distance: 95m

    Runtime: 50mins

    Beam Intensity: 2000cd

    Brightness Description: Strong spotlight. Intense and concentrated beam of light, in a certain space, can provide strong penetrating illumination.

    If the built-in chip detects a high temperature in Mode 3, it will lower power to avoid overheating.

One-piece Alum Case

Space-grade Strength

The shell is made of 6061 Alum Alloy, which is widely used in space field for its superb intensity.

The square body is not easy to roll + the physical switch design, reduces the damage caused by dropping or accidental touching.

Strong Magnetic Base

Hands-free Design

You can attach it to any iron surface so you can work under the light without struggling to hold it.